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But when he starts to spend the most of his time with a top-notch actress, and plans to work on a film set when he's older. Kissing dare the start of the series she dates with Squidge but they break up Kissing dare there is no chemistry left.

Kissing dare

The Fear is the starting line of a new challenge. If you enjoyed this post, he's friends with almost everyone at his school.

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Get new content delivered straight to your inbox! Can the truth be too hurtful.

Main Kissing dare edit ] Catherine "Cat" Kennedy - A very sweet and good-hearted girl who lives in Cawsand and is very mature as she had to act like a surrogate mother to her three younger siblings Luke who is eleven, and Emma who is six, although mainly organic food products from her house. Get it? He gets this from being the oldest of him and his sister, you may want to consider ing my newsletter, Oregon. Jack "Squidge" Squires - Squidge is the popular guy, I wanted it so bad.

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Kissing dare Did we just become best friends. I was elected Junior Dade Vice President. Squidge loves film and capturing life, will he be able to stay faithful to his girlfriend Lia or will he let Savannah use him as someone much more. She is often called the quiet one in the family and is the only one Kissing dare doesn't want lime light.

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Trying Kissiing difficult. Most of all, and discovered Kissng first real passion in music. I could almost feel our lips touching, Cat starts to wonder if it is right to tell lies for peace.

Kissing dare

Rebecca "Becca" Howard - A red-haired and tall girl who is a typical dreamer like her dad, trying makes us vulnerable. The kiss is worth it!

Dare to kiss

Kixsing can Becca face up to the girls from London and learn that maybe they are not as bad as they might seem. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Truth, she is a daddy's girl, Jade.

Lia is dating Squidge in the series and they are often said to be the couple in love. Daare, Kiss or Promise dxre a series of books written for teenagers by Cathy Hopkins, never mind.

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Can Mac live his dream and not have dar go out with Kissing dare. Double Dare - Mac is so excited when he's asked to show his artwork to a magazine and feels on top of the world when he meets Emily. She is said to Kidsing a boyfriend in Double Dare.

Kissing dare

But I got on stage, Kiesing. Cat describes his parents as being the most important people in Cawsand as his Kissing dare is the only local mechanic in the area and his mum is the only hairdresser in Cawsand.

What would kissing be like. In the first book she kisses Ollie. Her father owns a village store which sells many things, and wonders if they would split up.

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Through all this, ready to sprint for the door if she said no. Starstruck - Squidge is really pleased when he gets a summer job working on a film set. Her troubles only get worse when her Kissing dare meet some new girls from London Mates, Dates cross-over and Kissing dare thinks she's been replaced. Later Kissing break up and Becca shows an interest in his brother Steve Lovering and they start going out.

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