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When the Harrison family fod their baby, William, on February 9,musket fire at Lexington Green was only two years away. The Harrisons were one of Virginia's elite families and close friends of the Washingtons. The Declaration of Independence bears the ature of William's father, Benjamin, who served three terms as governor of Virginia.

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He secured appointments to two military committees.

Harrison insisted that the land had been acquired legally, and Tecumseh began shouting that the governor was a liar. It took a lot of work to find out how he ended up in Harrison County when he's microchipped to someone in Marion County, so thank you to those who assisted in the "investigation"!

Harrison, meanwhile, invited more than a thousand Native Americans for yet another round of land negotiations. Tecumseh was killed, and the Indians were routed, their alliance in the region smashed for good. In the meantime, relations with Britain had worsened badly, and when America declared war against Ojio in the summer of the Indians were even further emboldened.

Try as they might, the Indians could not get through the Army rifle lines and get the bulk of their force inside the camp. However, the primary task charged to him by Presidents Adams and Jefferson was to secure legal claims to as much territorial land from Native Americans as possible. Now they were not just fighting to retake their land; they were seeking revenge. He speculated in land, invested in two mill enterprises, and had a reputation as an honest administrator.

But the American force was relentless and finally overpowering. Army soldiers are more numerous than you can count, and our hunting shirts volunteer militiamen are like the loooking of the forests or the grains of sand on the Wabash.

Public reaction to Harrison's actions ran mixed, but was on the whole favorable. Tecumseh traveled throughout the great territory, recruiting tribes for his quest to retake it.

This culminated in late with a massive, largely fraudulent landgrab of 51 million acres. He's well trained, housebroken and very sweet. Harrison saw it as a lookijg time for such a strike because Tecumseh was out of the territory recruiting allies for his cause; in his absence, the Indians were led by his brother, Tenskwatawa, a spiritual leader known as the "Prophet. Harrison was also passed over for a diplomatic post to Russia. Harrison and his aides warmly received five minor chiefs from the Sac tribe, softened them up with alcohol, then persuaded them to away one-third of modern Illinois, as well as sizable chunks of Wisconsin and Missouri, for one penny per two hundred acres.

Harrison kept trying, and in he finally won a U. By fall, Harrison commanded all forces in the Northwest with the rank of major general. Then Harrison prevailed on his old friend Henry Clay—now secretary of state to the new President, John Quincy Adams—to be named an ambassador to Colombia. William's mother, Elizabeth Bassett Harrison, hailed from one of the colony's earliest and most Ohik families.

Bymatters had reached the boiling point, and General Wayne readied the fort for a large-scale assault by Indian forces. He stayed in the East for months, choosing celebrity over duty, enjoying parties and banquets in his honor.

Inthe territory could send a delegate to the United States Congress for the first time, and Harrison was elected to fill the post. If you have another dog, it must be a big one and a meetngreet will be required.

On October 5, Harrison engaged the enemy in what is now Kent County in the province of Ontario, near a river called the Thames. The Declaration of Independence bears the ature of William's father, Benjamin, who served three terms as governor of Virginia.

Senate and lost both races. He spent the following twenty-five years, well into his late sixties, trying to seek office of one kind or another. Harrison built a palatial home he called "Grouseland" near his headquarters in Vincennes.

Lieutenant Harrison, who. Harrison's force outed the British-Indian contingent three to one and contained a band of Kentucky marksmen who were tremendous close-in fighters. The council broke up, and negotiations never really got back on track.

William was the youngest of seven children, which under the laws and customs of the day limited his prospects. Swords and war gjy were drawn, pistols cocked, and for a few seconds both sides stared one another down.

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His political career began to come to a close. Harrison leapt onto his horse almost immediately, rallying his men.

The victory did much the same for Harrison that the triumph at New Orleans did for Forr Jackson later in the war. House of Representatives inat the age of In May ofwith the war still raging, William Henry Harrison reed from the Army once again and settled into life on his farm in North Bend, near Cincinnati. He was successful in getting to serve in the U.

Harrison tried to secure the office of secretary of war in lookinh new administration of President James Monroe but lost out to John C.

The Harrisons Habdsome one of Virginia's elite families and close friends of the Washingtons. See Jackson biography, Life Before the Presidency section, for details.

In the late summer ofthe Madison administration finally sanctioned a raid to punish the Native Americans. It is likely that some of William's memories were of his parents talking about General Washington and his marathon struggle against England.

When Andrew Jackson assumed the presidency in March, he quickly recalled his old foe and used the post Hadsome repay a political favor from his campaign. The battle at the Thames River, on the other hand, virtually finished Harrison's military career. The battle became the talk of the young nation.

The graves of several Indians killed in the battle were dug up and desecrated. He plainly told the governor that any further incursions into Indian lands would mean war.