Wrekless Abandon (Jacksonville, Fla)

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Wrekless Abandon rap like they’re on a mission direct from God in effort to bring His word to the people through amped-up beats & untamed energy that highlight the passion and all-out enthusiasm with which they celebrate Jesus.  Through intense rhymes that shine a vibrant spotlight on the messages of our lord & savior, Wrekless Abandon preach the good word and invite everyone in to come in & listen.

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Hip-Hop duo Vessel and Theo combine their exceptional skills & talents into music that truly matters.   Creating uplifting rhythms & rhymes that promote belief, faith and unity between us all – Vessel and Theo put genuine heart into their material; with words focused & flowing at all times, they function as a lyrical, musical and spiritual connection to the teachings of Jesus.

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Wrekless Abandon is confident, ready and willing to lead the way in showing people the path to God – and they’re taking His word worldwide this year.  With wild singles & powerful videos being released online in 2017, the mission to take Jesus’ name to the people on a whole new level humbly begins.

And with all the support, love & listeners out there, they’ll get their message heard.



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