Weekend full of Concerts from GA to VA

My experience this past weekend with CityTakers, Black Out Back to School Bash, and Rap Reel was amazing. If you didn’t make it to any of them, then you missed some of the most livid shows there was.

 It started off in Georgia with CityTakers on Friday with DJ Radikal getting the crowd hype and Jericho kicking off the concert with his song “Divorce”. It really hit home for some people. Tru Serva along with DJ T-Tom came with a party style of hip hop like no other. They got the crowd going with his song “Revival.” Scott Free then spoke the Word of God and asked the ever so ready Nameless Faceless Army to join and prepare to pray with those whom wanted prayer. After the Word and prayers were given he kicked it off again with Plain James where in through his set he brought up Double to perform the infamous G-Mix “Dope House.” The hype continued with Young Noah who kicked off his song “Stupid Rich” where he spoke about how he had record deals being offered, but he soon realized that’s not what God wanted for him. It then ended the night with the famous cypher where they give the audience and opportunity to show their skills. It was amazing.

Next was the Black Out Back to School Bash in Virginia which was hosted by Bridge the Gap Urban Ministry. Aruba Halisi kicked it off with his song “Heaven” to get the crowd going. Following him was DJ Mykael V hyping up the crowd with some techno beats before K¥NG came out to kick off the song “Risk.” It was awesome. Aaron Cole was next with story about how he was not supposed to be here. His mom was supposed to be get an abortion, but it was too late. God has other plans for him. He ended his set with a praise and worship for God using the song “You love never fails.” He touched the crowd with that one. I have never met such a God fearing 18 years old. God definitely has much more plans for him. Whooo. Canon then came out to end the show with all his greatest hits. Speaking about us stopping the judgment. We should never judge a book by its cover. You will never know what’s inside the book if you never give it a chance.

Ending the weekend back in Georgia with Rap Reel hosted by TrackStarz and Erinn Affect. Here we had 7 of the most on fire talent you have ever heard.. Dj Mykael V rocked the crowd again with his skills on the turn tables. Every performer had a chance to perform twice through out the night. K¥NG got a chance to perform a whole set giving him the opportunity to shine as a new artist in town. The weekend was amazing and I would not trade this experience for anything. God is really working through all of these artist and it’s so amazing to see them grow in their faith using music to get through to others.


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