Vy Moon “T.H.U.G”

Street Ministry is sometimes one of the most hated, part of a ministry. It gets hated on by those in the church and those in the streets. But people don’t realize it’s hard to find a person; who can find a beautiful rose, among thorns and weeds, in a rough area. The person I’m about to bring out does exactly that. His name is Vy Moon, coming straight out of Kellyton, Alabama; repping Rivers Edge Church. Vy seems as if he has a gift, called “T.H.U.G.” the album and I think he’s ready to share it with us.
The album opens up with, “T.H.U.G.” being its first song, after the intro. Vy Moon talks about the severe situations that happen in urban living and in some small towns as well. How young men are taught to beware of the “man in a suit”, but are not taught; how to beware of himself and the action he takes, as he pursues manhood. Meaning that some young men choose, the choice of violence and immoral sexual conduct over, what Christ teaches as the real moral standard. I think Vy Moon is trying to get us to a place of accountability. Rather than just turning a blind eye and just looking at others and blaming them for our situation.

“Strong Heart”, is a song definitely made for those, who may be fainting in their walk but need to be reminded that they are lions with authority. Vy Moon straight rips in on the beat, while repping for those who society looks down on. The real ushers of the church, the thugs, and the gangsters. Absolutely loved this song, I’m going to be beating this; when I’m feeling weak, and my soul needs to feed that Holy Spirit Fire.

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“All I Know”, is a song filled with seeds of knowledge, hope and trap music. Vy talks about issues he had in his life and the vices that held him captured. He then proceeds, to tell about the wisdom of how he came out, and the knowledge he spitting to the youth; about marriage and real love. Moon, seems as if he’s enjoying giving Jesus the praise. And you can hear it all throughout this song. Moon is most certainly reaching for the stars and the sky.
“Raise Up”, is like a young lion roaring, letting his city know; that he is coming back to it, to save it. Moon spits fire while reaching out to whoever is listening. His statement is to those who are listening, especially in his hometown, is he’s back and ready to put in the work. So get your mechanic gloves and dickies ready, because Vy Moon is calling out to all; let’s get our hands dirty and work.
“Marathon” featuring B. Moon, ends the album and is the hardest song on there. Vy Moon starts with a consecutive succession of spitting nothing but bars. This song is a constant reminder, that this Christian walk isn’t for the faint, nor for the swift. We’ve got to pace ourselves, listen to God, and remind ourselves; it’s not about who can achieve the fastest or who can climb the highest the quickest. It’s about the experience you gain, while you are learning your walk in faith. Moon even gives a testimony about his family and his experience, as they walked on in the name of the Lord.
I have to say, after listening to this brother and hearing his zeal for Christ; I have a sense that I can go on and grow in Christ more as well. Like stated earlier, it’s a gift to find roses among the thorns, weeds, and hardened surfaces. To some, it might seem impossible, but I thank God; that we have cats out there like Vy Moon. Pushing on in the name of Christ, showing us the church, that we got to look past the surface and outer appearance. And find the gentle flower, that is trying to grow; underneath. Once again go check out “T.H.U.G.” by Vy Moon, not only will it keep you bumping; but it will put another anointed groove in your heart.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.
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