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Mode is a new genre of music as well as a movement for people that worship in a unique way that relates to this upcoming generation while still showing the respect for the generations before us. Worship Mode Music is a label and I am currently the only person signed. I’m always looking for new people.

 Q: How did the concept of Worship Mode Music come to fruition?

 Uncle Reece: It came from spending a lot of alone time with God and recording the results. It’s worship that makes you want to dance and lose control.

 Q: There is a variety of genres coming from Worship Mode Music, was this purposely a part of the selective process?

 Uncle Reece: Worship Mode doesn’t only mean one genre of music. Worship Mode reaches all genres of music as well as other things besides music. Worship Mode can be dance or anything pertaining to an individual giving a gift back to God.

 Q: What upcoming projects should we all be on the lookout for from Worship Mode in the future?

 Uncle Reece: Right now I’m the only artist signed under Worship Mode Music. I rock with Jordan Armstrong, IZ, Adrion Butler, Jonathan Traylor and Free Will in anything they do because they are worshippers and they’re dope as well.

 Q: How do you feel about & deal with any pressure to label yourself musically as either a gospel or CHH artist seeing as you fall somewhere in between either lane?

 Uncle Reece: I relate to gospel in ways of the passion and how the spirit can flow through the music. Gospel leaves the door open for whatever happens in the spirit. I relate to CHH because it’s my generation and the sound is always pushing the envelope sonically and coming up with new sounds to make people wanna dance.

 Q: Is there a specific genre that you’re more inclined to lean towards?

 Uncle Reece: In this album, worship mode could be described as “Aggressive Worship” or “Crunk Worship.”

 Q: If you had to choose between the two, would you rather sing or rap?

 Uncle Reece: I love rap because it’s what I love, but if I had to choose I would rather sing just because, in my opinion, I believe it currently provides more options.

 Q: How do you boldly operate outside of the box as a music artist?

 Uncle Reece: I operate outside the box by releasing what I feel God wants to hear from me. I don’t worry about outside influences when making music.

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