Tony Tillman featuring JC “Big Picture”

When a painter paints… he’s constantly is putting in the details. With every stroke of the brush, he’s painting something that is supposed to be put together as a whole. Well, the same can be said about God, and how He plans things. With that being said, I’m glad to present to you the next artist, Tony Tillman. I think the hood reverend, from RMG, has a story to tell us today, with his new single release called “Big Picture” featuring JC. So let’s go to his front porch and see what he has to say.

The song sounds like it comes from 2 points of views. One is a person of faith who is struggling to maintain their walk. Unfortunately, it seems as if he’s getting little to no help from friends, and leadership. He feels as if he’s drowning, and all the preacher can do to help him is give him some scriptures to live by. And also tells him, to look at the bigger picture of what God may be doing. The second point of view is of someone in the community. It’s almost like hearing an argument being made at a City or Town Hall meeting about the injustice that is faced day by day, with little or no regards being given. The cries keep going out, for those will possibly pave the way for the future… but very well may end up in a pine box. This piece is extremely moving. Another huge hit for RMG.

Many of times we get caught up looking at the small details rather than putting them all together, making the little pieces into a whole puzzle. We miss the beauty of what God is doing because we’re too busy focusing on what is problematic for us now. Sometimes you just have to step back, and just look at the BIG PICTURE. With that being said, y’all please go check out the hood reverend of RMG, Mr. Tony Tillman’s new single, called “Big Picture” featuring JC. It will help you elevate beyond your scope of the canvas in front of you, and see the true artistry of Christ.

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