The Rep’s Interview and “Sinner’s Prayer” The Album

I used to hear about stories of legends and myths and the men who were them and who would conquer them and became stories for kids to hear and aspire to. I wondered, what happened to those people, why don’t I hear stories about them now? An old man once told me, after their mission, there is nothing more for those men to do, so they sleep. Waiting on the next great moment or battle, to rise to the occasion and prove to the world anything is possible.
Well, I got to talk with one of those sleeping giants, that God Has allowed waking back up again. You all know him, and if you don’t it’s time to go get a little history lesson. His name is The Rep aka Brandon Kagel from Phoenix Az, and he’s about to drop his new album called “Sinner’s Prayer”. If you don’t know anything about him, please… please, go check his old albums like, “13th Floor”, “Alive” and “Say No More”. Songs on those albums kinda helped make me into the man I am today. No lie, just real bread, or real talk. Well, with all that being said let’s dive into the convo I and he was able to have… And if you guys don’t know right now, I’m so fanboying right now.
I asked him “What was his 1st album and how did he feel after making it?
He said, “My 1st album, I released was in 2001, and it was a project not a lot of people knew about; it was called, “Street Prophecy”. I never really uploaded it on iTunes or Spotify, because I had just given my life to Jesus, around that time. And there were a couple of things I said on that album, I don’t necessarily doctrinally agree with now. I was really proud of that project, and you know I was really trying to reach a certain demographic. I was heavy, heavy into hip hop, and lyricism; so I was trying to emulate some of that. But overall man I was really really excited, to release my 1st project. The last thing I would say is. Around that time, when I 1st started working on the project. I had no idea that Christian Rap even existed. I really thought, in the making of the project, that I was the 1st artist to ever do it. So I just kind of had dreams that; Yo I’m going to hit the hip hop scene, in a way nobody else has. And shortly after that. I went to a Christian book store and saw that there were other artists that were doing it. So I was thankful to know that the gospel was going out but at the same time was disappointed, because I really felt like I was going to pave the path; that had yet to been paved.

The next question I asked was how had his career been going after the last album “13th Floor”? And what lessons had he and his family learned since then?
He said, “ He had really big hopes and dreams for that album. Like every artist does, when they release. And to some degree, some of that came to pass. Some people were affected, and that was the main hope. But I had also hoped to kinda take it mainstream. And I never really got to see the fulfillment in that.” He said he went through a transition where he didn’t see his music really take off like he thought it would or should. He said, “We (his family and him) began to struggle financially, in the years to come; after releasing that project.” “I thought that my season was done, I had been struggling through the season long enough.” He said it had been 17 years since his start, and he was done. He said, “ They say where God Guides, He Provides. So God wasn’t providing so I must not be in His Will.” He told me after looking back, that wasn’t the case. The Lord Was just transitioning him and his family. They moved from Phoenix, Az, to Las Vegas. Where he has ordained a Pastor at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas. He said that he thought he wasn’t going to pick up the mic again. But after 5 years or closer to 6, God Has rekindled the fire again.
He says the lesson he learned was from Matthew Ch 4, “Man does not live on bread alone. But out of every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” He said, “In the last season of his life. God Was teaching him and his family, that music doesn’t provide, his talent doesn’t provide, his work ethic doesn’t provide, but at the end of the day; God Provides. He says he be lying if he said he has fully gotten the message, but now when he looks back, he can see that was what God Was teaching him and is still teaching him.

I asked him, what should we be looking forward to, on this project?
He said, “This album is a little more fun than the other albums, its still deep, and grimy. But it has more of a trap fill on these tracks. It’s fun but a better word would be wavy. But at the end of the day, you can expect dope music.” He says he tried to step up the lyricism as well as keep the message authentic. He says, “There is one track called “Sinner’s Prayer” on the album that’s my favorite track. Because it ends literally with a sinner’s prayer in rap form. I’m just excited about how that track came out, and the impact it’s gonna have on the listener as he is repeating the lyrics.”

I asked The Rep, “What’s the one thing that you would like to leave behind as a word of wisdom to your fans and people who have grown to listen to you?
He said, “Man if there is one thing I could leave for those who listen to my music, as well as those who may be in the arts or entertainment or are just everyday listeners; I think all of us are driven for success at some degree. All of us know deep within that we have a purpose and that we want that purpose to be fulfilled. So I think the one bit of information that I’m lending on, that I would tell others to lean on is to; “Seek 1st The Kingdom and His Righteousness and everything else will be added. And to seek 1st his kingdom means to, put God 1st in all things and really to seek His Will. And really what that looks like is just staying in His Word and just praying; constantly and repetitively. God Your Will Be Done. The other half of that is His Righteousness, to do right at all times. He said that He Will direct our path and that He’ll Finish what He started. He said that He will add everything else that is needed, for us to fulfill His Will in our lives. So I think if we would just do that, seek 1st His Kingdom and His Righteousness; He’ll Do the rest. So that’s my hope for all of God’s People.”

I know for one, seeing this sleeping giant awaken with a new passion and armed for war. Has been a true blessing to me. I can’t wait to hear what the albums sound like and put those bad boys on repeat when they come out. Man, I’m just at a lost for words about the knowledge that he dropped on me in this interview. So y’all, I hope you go cop his new album coming out called, “Sinner’s Prayer”. Because I know it will elevate you as he has elevated me.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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