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I’ve recently had the opportunity to interview Eshon Burgundy, who was once signed to Humble Beast, but has decided to pursue the independent route once again. Besides music, we discussed many topics such as race, politics, & former addictions. The interview is very thought provoking and allows fans to understand Eshon’s heart behind such  important matters. 

Concise & to the point, Eshon currently has a lot going on in regards to new music and a new clothing line that should be releasing sometime soon in the near future. Choosing to avoid any political talk which I respect, he opens up about his past addictions and reveals that there’s an explanation soon to come. Beyond music, Eshon is a busy man who relies on God to balance out his responsibilities as a husband, father, & artist.

Donte: What is NFTRY? Can you give us any further details on the upcoming clothing line?

Eshon: NFTRY is my clothing brand and it will be launched alongside my new album.

Donte: As a husband and a man of many trades, how do you balance life, work, ministry, & family?

Eshon: Balance and order is something I’m constantly at the foot of the Lord’s throne pleading for. I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

Donte: Based on what’s highlighted via the news & media, we’re truly living in some hostile times; do you believe that there is a race war upon us?

Eshon: I believe America began with a race war and that war will end when America ends. My hope is that the race issues will end amidst the “Body” so that we can carry out the Lord’s desires at peace with one another.

Donte: What are your thoughts & opinions on the current climate of CHH today?

Eshon: I think this current climate can kill off CHH if we let it. Many have sucked it dry and turned their backs on it. Anything lacking love and attention will wither.

Donte: You’ve been very transparent about your past especially when it relates to pornography addiction. Even your wife has shared her experience dealing with an ex-porn addict. Would you mind sharing your testimony with us here at RDK?

Eshon: I’ll be releasing an in depth explanation on that soon, but what I will say is that I was exposed to it around 7yrs of age and still possess the desire to this day. Fulfilling the desire began to decrease years ago when I began to see it as an enemy of God and myself as Gods enemy whenever I indulged in it.

Donte: Besides music, you also dabble in photography & videography. Were you always interested in those trades? Which of the three do you prefer doing the most?

Eshon: I enjoy doing it all and I hope to take it to the big screen soon!

Donte: The upcoming election race is a pretty hot topic these days especially considering the candidates who are running. As a Christian, how should one conduct their self when it comes to politics? Are you interested in politics in any manner? What are your thoughts about the candidates and their campaigns?

Eshon: No comment.

Thank you for considering me for this, I’m greatly appreciative of this opportunity. -Eshon

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