Terence Penny “Vulnerability”

Have you ever washed your face, hoping to change the way you look or change what you’re facing? But no matter how much water you put on yourself… nothing ever changes. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And I’m bringing someone to you today, that faces the same difficulties in life. His name is Terence Penny, coming straight out of Toronto, Ontario. Wait now before you start clowning saying stuff like, “Who in the world lives there.” Or “How is he surviving in the wilderness.” Let me tell you, this young man is bringing some realness to the table. So listen up and let’s hear what he has to speak on, in his new album release called, “Vulnerability”.
The album starts with a song called, “Vulnerability”. You can hear Mr. Penny talking with himself, trying to prepare his mind to walk out in the world, as the world. Then he lays sick bars into the person, he was, who spoke those things. This song is a basic positive message being relayed, to those out there. Who is capturing themselves with their thoughts, of what others may think. And saying, this doesn’t have to be me or the image I live as. Absolutely loved the intro.
“What You Know” featuring Royal, is an automatic attention getter. Not only does this song tell you the truth about the reality being lived by those in urbanized lower income housing, but it brings you to the reality; that everyone out there is dealing with some serious issues. This is a reminder, that anyone can make it out the mud, and be brought to the palace doors.
“Naive” starts out about how hype love gets you. Like Ella Mai, you all booed up. But then there is a flip side with consequences that we don’t consider. Where a moment’s of pleasure, leaves you with a lifetime of pain; like in that Martin Lawrence movie, “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”. We just have to be careful, where we allow our hearts to go, and what path we walk in life. And this song is a great reminder of that. Preciate Mr. T, good looking on this one.
“Thank You” featuring Temi, ends the album and it’s a big thank you letter to the man upstairs. In here Terence, harps on how good God Has been to him. Telling of all accomplishments that God Has done for him. I just love how soulful and hopeful this song has me feeling. Y’all have to keep this song on repeat.
Now that you have washed your face, try drying it off. Look into a mirror, and tell yourself how beautiful and wonderfully created you are. Because what God Says about you, is what you are and that it. Thank you, Terence Penny, for reminding of us this lesson. We’re only less when we take our eyes off of what God Says about us. So y’all go support your brother in Christ ministry, buy downloading his new album called, “Vulnerability”. This album will take some blemish off your soul.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Terence Penny “Vulnerability”

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