“I gave you my life and what God has done in it, in hopes that someone can get a better view…”
When you think of those who play a major role in the Christian Hip Hop genre, Tedashii’s name is bound to be listed. So in spite of the loss he and his family experienced this year, he’s gearing up to once again bless and meet his fans at the “Unashamed” concerts. And he’s not ashamed to say that what God has ordained is the driving force behind his comeback.  “I definitely didn’t want to communicate that I wasn’t going to do music again. But at the same time, I didn’t want to communicate a false front…get back to work because it seems that’s what people wanted from me. I get that people do want that because they enjoy what I do. Others just assume that when something happens in life, you just move on and get over it; and those are things that I wrestle with as well. But ultimately, for me, God ordains. So, if God is ordaining everything, then I find contentment in the fact that He has ordained me for what I have now. And, I find hope and truth in [knowing] that He won’t put anything on me that’s more than I can bare.”

So with that confidence in God’s wisdom for his life, Tedashii has started traveling again, doing concerts in Memphis and his hometown of Houston. He’s also re-entered the booth where he is working on both remixes and his fourth Reach Records album. “I’m really looking forward to getting back to work. I already contacted a lot of other people to possibly feature. I’ve been getting great response from that, which I’m so appreciative of because I know people hold their work in a high regard…so for these people to take their time to work with me, I don’t take that lightly.”

And bearing in my mind the heavy things Tedashii and his family have endured this year, it’s no wonder that he says, “It just makes me want to be more pointed and real with topic choice and just how I communicate certain things…being a Christian and also just as being a person. You hear in the news about another gun shooting in Nevada, a family suffering loss from a daughter missing. We hear about people scamming others out of money to the government shut down. So on and on you could go…being in a world that really isn’t or doesn’t really feel like a happy home. To those that look at the world and think that it has everything and more, I would disagree wholeheartedly. And I just want my heart to be at a real place like that because I’ve noticed now, especially through what I’ve experienced, that people are at real places like that. I do want to be more transparent and real. I definitely tried to be on my last album, “Blacklight,” and I will try on my next project. I want to be a transparent artist.”

Tedashii’s transparency will undoubtedly be something his fans will appreciate, but surely they want to know how this transparency will affect the mood of the project. And to that curiosity Tedashii responds, “With everything that has happened to me this year, from a loss, to just having the opportunity to learn and reflect with different individuals and things, it really seems that this project will be composed of a lot of that. I don’t except it to be a sad project but it will be a real gritty project because that’s kind of where I’m at right now.”

This year has definitely matured Tedashii in a lot of ways. “Now being that I have more [life] experience, I would just encourage everybody to live with the end in mind. I don’t think the Bible would have been so clear about the end times unless it was important for us to know. So…when we live and plan life, we should do so with the end in mind. But I know a lot of cats don’t consider that today could be their last day. So life for me is more defined now, it’s a lot shorter than I’ve realized. Furthermore, in this time, there is a greater responsibility for how well we handle our time. I tell every cat now, have a plan, have a goal or an idea of where you’re headed and trust the Lord in all of that. Love Jesus in all of that. Be a good steward in knowing what the end will look like.”

And as Tedashii continues to be led only by those things that are God ordained, the end of his music career seems to be nowhere in sight. “He ordains all…including my music. He ordains that. So nothing we are doing and experiencing is outside of what He has already ordained. But we don’t see this because we have a tendency to only go with what feels good (as God ordained) and leave the rest alone. And even though I think we have a private enemy (the devil; satan) who calls it suffering, I do feel that God is permitting it as well as taking control of how much He is allowing it to happen.”

So with that conviction, Tedashii pushes forth, making music for the masses. “I approach everything now with the idea of lifestyle, like this is who and what I am. So everything that I communicate comes from a Christian world view…” And that strength, passion, and boldness are exactly why to some it may appear that Tedashii hasn’t missed a beat. But, how can he really when his very steps are ordered?

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