Tedashii “Way Up” (feat. KB) Single

Failure, is not an option, for the big fella that I’m about to introduce. It’s none other than, Tedashii, Reach Records’ heavy hitter. And let me tell you, he’s breaking some waves with his new single, Way Up featuring KB.

   The hook, immediately catches your attention. With the words being spoken, “Ooh, I don’t mean to boss now. We just hit the waves like it’s the coast now. When we leave your city, turn your city to a ghost town.” You’ll definitely feel, the new age, style he’s bringing in this one.

   Tedashii also states, where he stands in his faith as a Christian. Saying, obstacles may be tall; but his God is way taller. His whole team is covered in the Blood of The Lamb, and they are doing this; to breathe life into others. Until, they have no breath left in them.

   I for one, can’t wait to buy the album and see what it’s sounding like. I know he’s bringing some heat. That’s going to melt, someone’s ice exterior. And bring them back to God.

                                Y’all Be Blessed I’m Out.   Lion_Hearted

Tedashii “Way Up” (feat. KB) Single

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