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Mister ATL “Honeymoon” (feat. D-Hall & Terra Tunez)

Sometimes we as Christian, get too caught in worshipping God and doing His Work. And forget about reverencing our significant other. Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. I myself can’t tell you how many times I’ve been a fault for this. But this next cat I’m bringing to the stage is here to remind us; not only about the active worship we should do with our loved ones but also that they hold a major part in our lives. And we must honor that. His name is Mister ATL and he has collabed with D-Hall and Terra Tunez, to bring us his new single called “Honeymoon”. So listen now to what these young men have to speak on rekindling our anointed relationships.

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Blaine boy “I Need You” (feat. Latajia)

Through our darkest nights, the light always seems to be like a mere glimmer or shimmer of hope. But with Christ, that small shimmer of light becomes the brightest star that the world has ever seen. And I think God is sending forth the next artist that we’re about to tune into, as a reminder of just that. His name is Blaine Boy and he has just released his new single featuring Latajia named, “I Need You”. I can’t wait to hear, what these two are about to drop on our spirits.

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