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Rocdwell X TNV “Luxury”

Some think that when you enter into the Christian lifestyle, that go from rags to riches. But as we all know, that’s not necessarily true. And if you do end up like that, for those who assume, forget that there was a strenuous process. Well, these young men I’m about to bring, know all about that process. Their names are, Rocdwell Johns and TNV. They have done a collab together to bring us their new album called, “Luxury”. I can’t wait to hear what, they’ve come up with. So let’s dive in.

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Milliyon “Passion”

Milliyon releases his anticipated EP, Passion, the first of the Limitless Passion series. The Sacramento rapper creates a work that expresses his gratitude for what God has done for him. “Every single record was created with the intent of articulating as clear as possible the goodness of God in any situation.

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Kwa & Chozen “World Changer” (feat. Myss Outlet) – Single

There are scriptures in the bible that says, a king must take into account all of his resources before he heads into battle. Meaning, you must take into consideration, what it will actually take; to change the world you live in. Well the next group of guys I’m about to present to you, are counting that cost. They are Kwakou Mandisa a.k.a KWA, and Richard “Chozen” Washington, and these boys have put out a new single called, “World Changer” featuring Myss Outlet; and it’s a banger.

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