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Chè Sarai “What If He’s Real?”

Have you ever just looked up at the stars at night, and wondered… what is my existence about? How do I belong in this vast place? What is my part? Well, today the Father of Life has blessed me to bring you, someone. Who could possibly answer those question, or at least let you know… you’re not alone. Her name is Chè Sarai, and she just dropped her latest release called, “What If He’s Real?” So let’s dive in and listen to what news she has brung us. Especially for those so many, unanswered questions.

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Vy Moon “T.H.U.G”

Street Ministry is sometimes one of the most hated, part of a ministry. It gets hated on by those in the church and those in the streets. But people don’t realize it’s hard to find a person; who can find a beautiful rose, among thorns and weeds, in a rough area. The person I’m about to bring out does exactly that. His name is Vy Moon, coming straight out of Kellyton, Alabama; repping Rivers Edge Church. Vy seems as if he has a gift, called “T.H.U.G.” the album and I think he’s ready to share it with us.

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Tarcea Renee “Keep It Lit”

Tarcea Renee (fka Toi) released a new single called “Keep It Lit”, featuring Reuben Jones and produced by SPEC. Keep It Lit is the 2nd single from her upcoming EP release, Lighthouse. The song is about standing firm on the gospel and what we believe in about Jesus when the ways of the world or people try to oppose that and cause us to dim our lights. We have to Keep It Lit no matter what!

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