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Byron Juane “Honey”

Every king has a queen, that he has absolute admiration in. Like ya boy, would hire a slew of musician, just to write her a song. Because that’s the way he feels, in his heart about, that special someone. Well ya boy, Byron Juane “Mr. Old King Cold” himself, has written a beautifully crafted song called; “Honey”. You can only find this song on SoundCloud, so go follow him if you want to hear it. Without prolonging this any longer, let’s see what Byron has bumping.

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Tony Tillman featuring JC “Big Picture”

When a painter paints… he’s constantly is putting in the details. With every stroke of the brush, he’s painting something that is supposed to be put together as a whole. Well, the same can be said about God, and how He plans things. With that being said, I’m glad to present to you the next artist, Tony Tillman. I think the hood reverend, from RMG, has a story to tell us today, with his new single release called “Big Picture” featuring JC. So let’s go to his front porch and see what he has to say.

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MCMR “God Got Me” – Single

South Florida based artist MCMR is back with another brand new solo release. When MCMR isn’t releasing music with his group The Juicy Burger Boys, he’s releasing solo heat that is sure to get you hyped. Check out this new single God Got Me and see why MCMR is the next up and coming artist in the CHH world!

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Terence Penny “Vulnerability”

Have you ever washed your face, hoping to change the way you look or change what you’re facing? But no matter how much water you put on yourself… nothing ever changes. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And I’m bringing someone to you today, that faces the same difficulties in life. His name is Terence Penny, coming straight out of Toronto, Ontario. Wait now before you start clowning saying stuff like, “Who in the world lives there.” Or “How is he surviving in the wilderness.” Let me tell you, this young man is bringing some realness to the table. So listen up and let’s hear what he has to speak on, in his new album release called, “Vulnerability”.

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