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Sevin & Sevin Duce “From the Park to the Palace”

No matter how high you get up on the latter of life, there is always work to do at the bottom. And Sevin’s new album, From the Park to the Palace, is a true representation of that. He’s really reaching out to all of Christ’s children and the homies back home on this one. God Over Money staff sergeant Sevin, from Sacramento, California, has got something to put into your ear.

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KING DAV$D ‘And Then There Was War In Heaven’

The Green Eyes has returned! the former Lincoln Park Blood is on a mission to bring Peace to the inner cities of America. KING DAV$D has witnessed first hand the Horrors of the Gang Genocide from Drugs, to being shot, to going to prison. He tells his story to reach those stuck in the struggle. New album featuring Sevin releases June 10th.

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