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Byron Juane “Honey”

Every king has a queen, that he has absolute admiration in. Like ya boy, would hire a slew of musician, just to write her a song. Because that’s the way he feels, in his heart about, that special someone. Well ya boy, Byron Juane “Mr. Old King Cold” himself, has written a beautifully crafted song called; “Honey”. You can only find this song on SoundCloud, so go follow him if you want to hear it. Without prolonging this any longer, let’s see what Byron has bumping.

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Tony Tillman featuring JC “Big Picture”

When a painter paints… he’s constantly is putting in the details. With every stroke of the brush, he’s painting something that is supposed to be put together as a whole. Well, the same can be said about God, and how He plans things. With that being said, I’m glad to present to you the next artist, Tony Tillman. I think the hood reverend, from RMG, has a story to tell us today, with his new single release called “Big Picture” featuring JC. So let’s go to his front porch and see what he has to say.

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Derek Minor “Of Course” (feat. Byron Juane)

When there are many lives at stake, the military gets the OK from the government to go all in. So, I believe God Has sent us some serious back up from the RMG Platoon. Once again RMG’s general (Derek Minor) and Old King Cold himself (Byron Juane), have collabed like special ops in their new single called, “Of Course”. And let me tell you, everything about this song has wind chills all over it. So let’s see what the RMG Infantry has come up with.

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