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jayeMillenium “Signature”

Sometimes we’re not stuck in darkness because we can’t see our way. It’s because we don’t have anyone reaching out to us. Helping us across. But, it seems there has come an answer. From Gastonia, North Carolina; comes JayeMillenium, better known as Travis J. Highter. He has come to be the bridge, for this new age generation. JayeMilenium has released his new album, called “Signature”. And I think he is showing us, why he is leaving his mark.

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Elohin “R 2.0 Lets Continue”

Born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, Michigan, Lon C. Harris a.k.a. Elohin (pronounced El-o-in) like many guys in urban America found his identity in, money, girls, violence, and rap music until his lifestyle and music content were challenged and transformed. This transformation along with his passion as a rap & hip hop artist has created a platform for him to impact many generations. He now raps to bring awareness to social issues, as a means of expression, and to inspire and encourage his listeners to grow in their faith.

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