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Tarcea Renee “Keep It Lit”

Tarcea Renee (fka Toi) released a new single called “Keep It Lit”, featuring Reuben Jones and produced by SPEC. Keep It Lit is the 2nd single from her upcoming EP release, Lighthouse. The song is about standing firm on the gospel and what we believe in about Jesus when the ways of the world or people try to oppose that and cause us to dim our lights. We have to Keep It Lit no matter what!

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Blaine boy “I Need You” (feat. Latajia)

Through our darkest nights, the light always seems to be like a mere glimmer or shimmer of hope. But with Christ, that small shimmer of light becomes the brightest star that the world has ever seen. And I think God is sending forth the next artist that we’re about to tune into, as a reminder of just that. His name is Blaine Boy and he has just released his new single featuring Latajia named, “I Need You”. I can’t wait to hear, what these two are about to drop on our spirits.

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