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Derek Minor “Of Course” (feat. Byron Juane)

When there are many lives at stake, the military gets the OK from the government to go all in. So, I believe God Has sent us some serious back up from the RMG Platoon. Once again RMG’s general (Derek Minor) and Old King Cold himself (Byron Juane), have collabed like special ops in their new single called, “Of Course”. And let me tell you, everything about this song has wind chills all over it. So let’s see what the RMG Infantry has come up with.

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Dru Bex “In God’s Good Time”

In Dru Bex’s In God’s Good Time, Dru talks about how much has changed in his life over the years with faith, relationships and career. It’s also about the current times that we live in and what God has done in the past, what He’s doing in the present and the hope that we have for the future

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Shope “Xxy”

Love is complex! Simultaneously producing the most ecstatic pleasures and the most profound pains, it wields unflinching control over us. “XXY” resides in this tension. It is a picture of the redeeming work of the Gospel through the lens of relationships.

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