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When that beat drops and the crowd goes wild, that’s the moment music lovers live for. Without a doubt, it’s a special time set just for the artist and their beloved fans. I wonder though, who is in the shadows? What person makes these moments possible in the first place? Whatever the DJ spins comes from that special person; one who can visualize it all before we hit the checkout button to buy our tickets. You may have seen the name Gawvi next to a song title after the word producer. Well, lets put him on a blank page, cross out the title and turn the music off for a second. 

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Trip Lee

Since dropping, “If They Only Knew” in 2006, Trip Lee has done just what he rapped about on the song, “Gotta Grow,” by evolving both spiritually and musically, right before our eyes and ears. These days he doesn’t just carry the title: artist. In fact, you’re now free to take your pick and call him: Father, Husband, Author, and very soon Pastor. 

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“The win is completing a project that you’re proud of. All the other accolades are bonuses.”

KB is the kind of artist people can relate to because he puts himself in their shoes. His passion and insight are why he’s amassed fans worldwide. When preparing for an album, “I really try to expose myself to the pains of the people I’m trying to reach; also, broadening my artistic palette.” He had a very defined approached to his new album. “I wanted an ethnic sound; like an ethnic soundtrack, world music. So, I went to Africa and did a lot of creating out there. And I think it gave birth to the sound I call ‘world trap.’”

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An “anomaly” is something that strays from what is normal or expected, according to any dictionary. Undoubtedly, in a world of rappers spitting the same sixteen bars about sex, money and drugs, Lecrae Moore is an anomaly. From his collaborations with secular artists, to his national, headlining tours and sold-out shows, he is seemingly no different than any other hip-hop artist. Over his 10-year career span, Lecrae has amassed the titles of Grammy award winner, actor, and record producer. To date, his seven critically acclaimed studio albums have topped the Billboard charts, and he has enjoyed moderate success with two mix tapes.  

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