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Plain James “Wherever I Go” (feat. Los Profetas & Yung Prince)

Summertime is all about fun and making some unforgettable memories. And Plain James has come out with a summertime song to keep on repeat. “Wherever I Go” featuring Los Profetas and Yung Prince, has come in the nick of time, to save us from the end of summer blues. I can’t wait to hear what these boys are putting out there in the streets, so let’s drive up to the curve at someone’s momma’s house and see what they’re beating.

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Poetics & Plain James “The Re-UP”

Jesus when He was alive, sent out His disciples 2 by 2, into the neighboring cities, (Matthew 10). The apostles, later on, continued this idea, when they went into different cities; after the death of Christ, ( Acts 3). With that being said, Christ is sending the next two young men your way; into the cities and communities near you. Their names are Plain James, and Poetics. They have collabed on a new Ep called “The Re-Up”. Let’s go see what new preachings these young men are bringing.

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Plain James “S.L.U.M., Vol. 1: Underdog” MixTape

When I was little, there was an old broken down house out back. No had lived there for years. So you know it’s been abandoned for quite sometimes. But what people didn’t know was, that inside the house; hidden away. There was a huge pile of toys there. Every young child’s dream. But I wouldn’t have known that if someone hadn’t taken and shown me. Sometimes we overlook the treasures, that God is creating or has created for us. Because we’re too busy looking on the outside of the house, and not exploring what’s on the inside. And that’s what the next artist that I’m about to introduce, is… A gold mine inside a cave. His name is James Dollard, aka Plain James, and he has just released his long-awaited album called “S.L.U.M. Vol. 1: Underdog”. Now let’s see why the Underdog is here.

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