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DJ Kideazy “We Are the Light”

We Are The LIght is a futuristic banger giving God all the praise! Production by DJ Kideazy stands out as he, Brotha Dre and Speez sing and rap creating an electronic turn up like no other. Timeless, ageless, exciting and exhilarating are just a few ways to describe this fun, Christian dance record.

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Jay-May “Life, Love & Relationships”

Sometimes hearing the sounds of the voices of old, reminds us where our future is going. We have to remember the darkness of the past and deal with those issues. In order to see the destined path of light and righteousness that God Has set before us or reward us with, at the end of our path; in this life. Sometimes listening to an old head, gives you the wisdom that you need, to make it over that hurdle in life. With that being said, I most gladly bring to you such an experienced soldier, coming straight out Detroit, Michigan. His name is Jay-May, and he is bringing us much wisdom in his new album called, “Life, Love, & Relationship”. So let’s walk with this brother and see where life has taken him.

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