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C.H.R.I.S. on The Block

I had the opportunity to chop it up with New York Indie Artist Chris Thompson aka as C.H.R.I.S., We talk about his musical influences and why he chose to do music that glorify God.


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Gerry Skrillz on The Block

Q: What has transpired in your life that ultimately led you to Christ?

Gerry Skrillz: In 2001 I found myself hating the person I had become & the destruction I had caused in the lives of so many as well as my own. After years of submerging myself within a culture that indulged in addiction, crime, fast money, and women, I was convinced that there was no fulfillment in any of these desires. I remember sitting in my studio crying & praying to God that He remove

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Uncle Reece

Mode is a new genre of music as well as a movement for people that worship in a unique way that relates to this upcoming generation while still showing the respect for the generations before us. Worship Mode Music is a label and I am currently the only person signed. I’m always looking for new people.

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Corey Paul

Music and the art of expression that comes with it has been around before the foundation of the earth. Because of this, the battle for the turf is great! But even greater is the men and women who stand in the gap putting music together that goes against the tides of so called “music”. Within the last 15 to 20 years, the hip-hop/rap industry has suffered a non-violent takeover load; as those of the Christian faith are taking the art of music in the hip-hop/rap genre and making it their own.

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