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Terence Penny “Vulnerability”

Have you ever washed your face, hoping to change the way you look or change what you’re facing? But no matter how much water you put on yourself… nothing ever changes. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And I’m bringing someone to you today, that faces the same difficulties in life. His name is Terence Penny, coming straight out of Toronto, Ontario. Wait now before you start clowning saying stuff like, “Who in the world lives there.” Or “How is he surviving in the wilderness.” Let me tell you, this young man is bringing some realness to the table. So listen up and let’s hear what he has to speak on, in his new album release called, “Vulnerability”.

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Vy Moon “T.H.U.G”

Street Ministry is sometimes one of the most hated, part of a ministry. It gets hated on by those in the church and those in the streets. But people don’t realize it’s hard to find a person; who can find a beautiful rose, among thorns and weeds, in a rough area. The person I’m about to bring out does exactly that. His name is Vy Moon, coming straight out of Kellyton, Alabama; repping Rivers Edge Church. Vy seems as if he has a gift, called “T.H.U.G.” the album and I think he’s ready to share it with us.

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Mister ATL “Honeymoon” (feat. D-Hall & Terra Tunez)

Sometimes we as Christian, get too caught in worshipping God and doing His Work. And forget about reverencing our significant other. Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. I myself can’t tell you how many times I’ve been a fault for this. But this next cat I’m bringing to the stage is here to remind us; not only about the active worship we should do with our loved ones but also that they hold a major part in our lives. And we must honor that. His name is Mister ATL and he has collabed with D-Hall and Terra Tunez, to bring us his new single called “Honeymoon”. So listen now to what these young men have to speak on rekindling our anointed relationships.

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Bl1nd3d “B.L.O.W.”

Rewards… we all want them, and even look for them; after a job well done. But very few of us, are willing to put in the work if we never see a reward. Christ wasn’t like that, He knew that even after death, He wouldn’t gain His reward. Until we all saw ours. The same goes for the disciples and for the young man, that I have the pleasure of bringing to you today. His name is Bl1nd3d, and he just dropped his newly released single called, “B.L.O.W.” So let’s listen to what rewards this young man is truly pressing towards.

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