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“I gave you my life and what God has done in it, in hopes that someone can get a better view…”
When you think of those who play a major role in the Christian Hip Hop genre, Tedashii’s name is bound to be listed. So in spite of the loss he and his family experienced this year, he’s gearing up to once again bless and meet his fans at the “Unashamed” concerts. And he’s not ashamed to say that what God has ordained is the driving force behind his comeback.

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3 ½ years + roughly 100 days a year on the road = Grammy ®, Stellar and Dove Award nominated, Christian Hip Hop artist and record label executive, Flame. Sounds something like a mathematical equation; but, it’s much more ordained than it is calculated.

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The Flame Edition

The Flame Edition is our second edition.

Flame has continually delivered fresh and relevant music to the masses via inspiration that comes from a variety of sources, mainly his relationship with Christ and the Word of God. But there are also, “A collection of things that keep me motivated to do music. And that’s important because the moment you lose that passion, it will spill over to the passion of your music. I like to stay engaged in the culture to see what’s going on in people’s minds and what they think is important in this time…just staying connected to great books, great people, great Pastors, hurting people, honest people…makes for creative writing.”

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