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Guns. Drugs. Poverty. Rebellion. A few words to describe many places on this earth. But in our own backyard, for now, those remarks are meant to illustrate the streets. Hold on…four words to paint a picture of a place the world has an idea about? Some can only imagine and most have no clue. Others have lived it. Yet, there are artists such as Reconcile that purely put their life to a track and let the listener fall into their reality. And with his upcoming album Sacrifice set for release this May, we get an understanding of what’s real to him.

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DA’ T.R.U.T.H.

“I want [this generation] to know that He is not like man. Man can fail, disappoint, hurt, lie, abandon you, but Jesus can’t and He won’t.” 

Those words come from a man who has weathered both great and hard times; a man who has tasted and seen that God is indeed good.

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Alex Faith

If someone took a poll asking about the birthplace of hip hop, most people definitely would not say the south.  But, for veteran rapper Alex Faith, that’s exactly where his connection to hip hop started.

Drawn in by artists, like T.I, OutKast, Big Boy and Bubba Sparks, who were actually talking about things that were going on in his hometown of Atlanta, GA., Alex admits that, “After awhile I started to think, ‘Wow these rappers are talking about me, this is me and my life.’ 

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“I gave you my life and what God has done in it, in hopes that someone can get a better view…”
When you think of those who play a major role in the Christian Hip Hop genre, Tedashii’s name is bound to be listed. So in spite of the loss he and his family experienced this year, he’s gearing up to once again bless and meet his fans at the “Unashamed” concerts. And he’s not ashamed to say that what God has ordained is the driving force behind his comeback.

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3 ½ years + roughly 100 days a year on the road = Grammy ®, Stellar and Dove Award nominated, Christian Hip Hop artist and record label executive, Flame. Sounds something like a mathematical equation; but, it’s much more ordained than it is calculated.

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