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Trip Lee

Since dropping, “If They Only Knew” in 2006, Trip Lee has done just what he rapped about on the song, “Gotta Grow,” by evolving both spiritually and musically, right before our eyes and ears. These days he doesn’t just carry the title: artist. In fact, you’re now free to take your pick and call him: Father, Husband, Author, and very soon Pastor. 

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When listening to your favorite artists, at times there’s a voice in a song you love or an unknown artist that is featured.   It is more than likely that you can’t put a face to the name you see. This probably was true for Swoope when he had a spot on Lecrae’s album Gravity, but many didn’t know he actually made his debut some time before this great opportunity. Straight Outta Akron, Swoope comes to us with a seasoned sound and plates it with crafty lyrics. Now he’s ready to release his sophomore album with Collision Records and we get to know “the man behind the voice.”  

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“The win is completing a project that you’re proud of. All the other accolades are bonuses.”

KB is the kind of artist people can relate to because he puts himself in their shoes. His passion and insight are why he’s amassed fans worldwide. When preparing for an album, “I really try to expose myself to the pains of the people I’m trying to reach; also, broadening my artistic palette.” He had a very defined approached to his new album. “I wanted an ethnic sound; like an ethnic soundtrack, world music. So, I went to Africa and did a lot of creating out there. And I think it gave birth to the sound I call ‘world trap.’”

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Social Club Edition

“I love the Body of Christ; we all can reach someone another person can’t,” said a self-proclaimed reject, and half of Christian indie duo, Social Club. His name is Marty and his mission is to be who God called him to be. On the cusp of a new album, US, he and group mate, Fern, are reclaiming culture through God-centered music and humility like no other.

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Ask anyone to Google a PyRexx song, and they would come away with lyrics reflecting the lifestyle of one of Houston’s most notorious gangster rappers and tattooed criminals. But scroll further, and you would see a transformed soul as the new face of Christian hip hop.

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