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Street Hymns on the Block

Q: Congrats on the Die Daily Team signing. What is your official affiliation with Die Daily? Would you mind sharing with us how you die on a daily basis?

A: Before I joined Die Daily I had very close relationships with a few of its members. I’ve known Dillon Chase for over 7 years, A. Ward for over 5 years, and Dwayne Pano for over 12. Then through music I began to organically develop companionship with other members. Once they asked to be a part of Die Daily I was super excited because I was already in love with the branding. So after being cleared up on what Die Daily truly was (more of a movement with a cause and less a label) the decision to affiliate was easy. 

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Surf GVNG signs with Xist Music Label

Christian Hip Hop label Xist Music has just announced their latest partnership, inking a new deal with Surf Gvng, a luminous pair of artists, from Miami, Florida. The multi-year, multi-album deal creates a stronger launching point for the buzzing movement

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When that beat drops and the crowd goes wild, that’s the moment music lovers live for. Without a doubt, it’s a special time set just for the artist and their beloved fans. I wonder though, who is in the shadows? What person makes these moments possible in the first place? Whatever the DJ spins comes from that special person; one who can visualize it all before we hit the checkout button to buy our tickets. You may have seen the name Gawvi next to a song title after the word producer. Well, lets put him on a blank page, cross out the title and turn the music off for a second. 

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