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If you call yourself a Canon fan but you haven’t noticed how busy he’s been, you’ve been the one sleep-walking. “I did the Dove Awards, along with the Red Carpet, with Lecrae and Bart Millard in October. That same day, I released ‘LCV2.’ In addition, I just got off the ‘Follow’ Tour, [and] I’ve been wedding planning for our big day in November. [Along with all of that, I’ve] been looking to catch up on sleep to say the least, lol. More so, [I’ve] been looking forward to spending quality time with my fiancé, friends, family, and church community.” 

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Lecrae Edition

An “anomaly” is something that strays from what is normal or expected, according to any dictionary. Undoubtedly, in a world of rappers spitting the same sixteen bars about sex, money and drugs, Lecrae Moore is an anomaly.

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Canon ‘Take it all Way’

Canon drops a new heartfelt single which he produced under Get the Canon Productions. He talks  about the depression he dealt with after his life-threatening injury.  Listen to “Take It All Away”.

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