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Boy Wonda “Keep Goin” feat. George Lott

REP DA KING MAG teams up with Boy Wonda on his highly anticipated new single from the self-entitled EP ‘’The Black Sheep’’. His new single is a collaboration with Florida Native by way of Atlanta George Lott who’s making quite a name for himself within the Music & Film industry. Keep Goin’ is a record that came together organically through some of the obstacles, and trials that happened in our own lives and with much adversity birthed what we believe to be our best work to date. This record is for the purpose of inspiring those who feel like they can’t go on, for those who may feel lost, or even weary. We just want to be able to help you change the soundtrack to your life and for you to be able to adapt to hope, encouragement, and to never give up accepting defeat in the midst of adversity and helping you to live on purpose. Keep Goin’ is AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!! on ALL DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!!!!!!.

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Boy Wonda releases “The Black Sheep”

The Florida-based rapper concept for this visual from the EP stems from personal experiences of what it’s like to feel like an outcast amongst those we call family, and not being accepted amongst those who we feel we need acceptance from which puts us in an awkward situation causing us to learn how to maneuver in the valley low and learn how not to just stay there but learn how to climb back up to the mountain top in the midst of feeling like a black sheep.

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