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Enlitement “ARCHIVES”

In the bible, it says that God makes His ministers a consuming fire. Causing their words, to burn the soot and grime of this world away. And that is why I’m bringing to the stage ya boy Elitement, who has dropped his new album called, “Archives”. So, let’s see what treasures, God has hidden inside; his reverend.

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Get to know Dr. Kelly Glow “Queen of the Kulture”

Q: When it comes to fashion, what is your style?

A: Let me just say that one of my biggest pet peeves is going to a function and seeing somebody else rocking what I’m rocking. I will find the most obscure item then, I will have to cut it up or rip it up or something like that. I love wearing hats, especially fedoras, I have a fedora fetish. If my fans want to send me something, please send me a really cool fedora! I love wearing really unique jewelry pieces. I love wearing African print and head wraps.  My style is like “Urban-Afro-Rock.”

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Monolog “Southern Comfurt”

   Today I got to hear the artist known as Monolog. For those of you who don’t know him, he is one of the members, the truth telling, hard hitting group known as Gideonz Army, (which was composed of, Malachi “My Messenger”, Monolog “Da Truth Tella”, and Souljah “Da Chozen”). 

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