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Plain James “S.L.U.M., Vol. 1: Underdog” MixTape

When I was little, there was an old broken down house out back. No had lived there for years. So you know it’s been abandoned for quite sometimes. But what people didn’t know was, that inside the house; hidden away. There was a huge pile of toys there. Every young child’s dream. But I wouldn’t have known that if someone hadn’t taken and shown me. Sometimes we overlook the treasures, that God is creating or has created for us. Because we’re too busy looking on the outside of the house, and not exploring what’s on the inside. And that’s what the next artist that I’m about to introduce, is… A gold mine inside a cave. His name is James Dollard, aka Plain James, and he has just released his long-awaited album called “S.L.U.M. Vol. 1: Underdog”. Now let’s see why the Underdog is here.

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NERVA ” Lord I Love You”

It is so easy to trust and praise God when things are going well. Nerva says, “Lord I Love You” in spite of all I face – the good times and the bad times. Reminding the listener that God is always good (even in the toughest situations), Nerva says, “Though He slays me, yet will trust in Him (Job 13:15).”

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Introducing “The Throw Away Kids Network”

Get to know “The Throw Away Kids Network” is a prison outreach program to serve the needs of juveniles currently inside correctional facilities around the country. We believe we are called to LOVE, SUPPORT, and bring LIGHT and HOPE to this lost generation. This generation is IMPORTANT and VALUABLE to God and to us, as we help them search for meaning in life and something genuine to live for. We also believe that their talents and gifts are from God and can be used for God. It is our prayer that lives will be radically touched and changed by the music, speakers and outreach provided through The Throw Away Kids Network.

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James Gardin “Limits (Produced by Terem)”

Illect recording artists James Gardin and Terem release their first collaborative effort of 2018. “Limits” is a war cry and anthem for all those who feel like society has constantly tried to hold them down, and block them from their true potential. You can break all the limits man and society place on you because they never have to have the final say.

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