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Karlton Jones “I Believe”

I use to believe a gust of wind blowing past my ear was God’s way of whispering to me. That He was there. Watching me and listening to everything I had to say. Well today, I’m bringing someone to you that I know who’s music will blow to you, letting you know that he’s praying for you in your situation, and he’s there, every step of the way. His name is Karlton Jones, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And he has just released his new EP, “ I Believe”. Let’s embrace what he’s trying to blow.

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Rocdwell X TNV “Luxury”

Some think that when you enter into the Christian lifestyle, that go from rags to riches. But as we all know, that’s not necessarily true. And if you do end up like that, for those who assume, forget that there was a strenuous process. Well, these young men I’m about to bring, know all about that process. Their names are, Rocdwell Johns and TNV. They have done a collab together to bring us their new album called, “Luxury”. I can’t wait to hear what, they’ve come up with. So let’s dive in.

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Brother Al “Conservative Gospel”

Most people don’t understand the weight we carry as, dreamers and believers. Some don’t even understand the stress we have when we feel like we haven’t achieved our goals. Nor do they understand the weight of sorrows we carry, when we can’t make our dream a reality. Think about Joseph and the things he went through, after God gave him the dreams, (aka visions) in Genesis. I believe for that reason, that the next brother I’m about to present has taken the chance he has. His name is Brother Al aka Albert Bailey Jr., from Chi-Town by the way Savannah, Ga. He has just released his new album called, “Conservative Gospel”. So let’s hear what dreams, that God Has given him.

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