Sevin & Sevin Duce “From the Park to the Palace”

No matter how high you get up on the latter of life, there is always work to do at the bottom. And Sevin’s new album, From the Park to the Palace, is a true representation of that. He’s really reaching out to all of Christ’s children and the homies back home on this one. God Over Money staff sergeant Sevin, from Sacramento, California, has got something to put into your ear.

   Yankin’, starts the album with a west coast bump to it. Sevin begins to weave a story from where Jesus saved him, to what mindset he’s gained in Christ, to telling satan; he better beware of the ministry that God has given him.

   I’m Yours featuring Sevin Duce and Marcel Jackson, is the second song on the album. And these boys are bringing something real in this one. The Hook is amazing! I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m proud to be yours. Is the anthem that sets your mind frame. For the lyrical speedy deliverance, that I know you’ll will enjoy.

   Help Us, tells a tale of what a person from the streets goes through. From carrying a “tool” (gun) to survive, to robbing, to banging for your set or streets, to getting the benefits for all the work you’ve done for streets, (like selling drugs). Sevin & Sevin Duce are telling the truths about what happens out there in the streets, with young urban males. It’s a cold world out there, but with guys like them. I believe we’re going to make it.

   Real 1, is Sevin & Sevin Duce straight reping for Christ and the whole kingdom. They say Christ is the Real 1, and no one can sway them differently. Sevin basically speaks about Christ’s suffering for someone who was unworthy, (himself). Sevin Duce spits the truth of the gospel with crucial accuracy, while bringing straight flames to the table. This has to be one of my favorite songs on this album.

   99 brings everything to a close. It’s a beautiful poetic song, where Sevin Duce; talks about some personal things that happened to him, like the shooting of his daughter. Sevin even speaks truth about, how grave a loss of someone who’s been killed; without remorse or feelings. The song really hits home, and reveals some truth about the street life.

   God Over Money, I must admit. You all have brought another heart reflecting album, as you always have. Making people aware of what goes on out here. Thank y’all from the bottom of my heart. Because people really need to know. Much love to Sevin & Sevin Duce on this one. I’m definitely going to download this one for memory sake.

                         Y’all Be Blessed I’m Out. Lion_Hearted

Sevin & Sevin Duce “From the Park to the Palace”


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