Revolution “Soul Wounds”

Lucifer was once known for being the head minstrel of music before he was kicked out of heaven. He still to this day, uses his gift, to lore our children and us as well; to the dark places of his kingdom. That’s why I thank God for artists like the one I’m about to present, who have been equipped to combat the enemy where he is, and completely break him of his kung fu stance. The artist is Gerard Biggs Jr., aka Revolution, he’s dropped his new album release called, “Soul Wounds”. So let’s see how he’s breaking down satan’s kingdom, by the knees.

“Soul Wounds Intro” starts the album and it just puts you into a good place. It’s like listening to a commander in battle as he’s issuing and prepping you for war. While letting you know, though the battles are fierce… Peace will come eventually. Love this intro, kinda reminds me of some old Bone Thug N Harmony stuff I listened to, as a kid.
“Fire Psalm” featuring Laura Song, is what you get when you tell a real street soldier to get grimy with it. In this song you can hear, the fierce battle scars left on Revolution’s soul, and the pain he’s ready to inflict on the enemy because of Christ and what they have done to him. If you want a warrior song, then this is a perfect fit for you. Because your boy is going full Killer Instinct/beast mode on this one.
“Victory” featuring No Malice, is an all-out carnage on the enemy, that’s lead by these two ministers of the Gospel, from the pulpit. There is no way you can deny that they’re making their position known, about where they stand in Christ. Like this is the song you play around your Christian friends when you’re talking about how passionate you are about Christ… and when you want to get those $5 dollars they owe you. Absolutely love this song. I’m definitely banging this again later on.
It’s a beautiful thing to hear when the enemy has become silent, after making their presence known for sooo long. Lucifer may have been The Head Arc Angel of Praise at one time, but God is now raising up those who are prepared to finish.. the war he’s started for our souls. Much love to Revolution on this one. So y’all please go cop is new album release called, “Soul Wounds”, from your media of choice. It’ll give you the inspiration needed, to push the enemy back, when they are forcing through, your spiritual front lines.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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