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The skits on the album are hilarious whose idea was that ? “Read More to know the answer”

That came about from a meeting we had. I said I know I want my album to tell a story. So we had a storytelling meeting and DJ Jeremiah wrote the words, but these things really happened.On Beyond Belief you deal with the subject of bullying and I heard your mom was instrumental in helping you get through that time.

My dad taught me how to box at a young age so I was fighting all the time, but the question became who do you fight when it’s everybody (making jokes) but my mom was always painting the picture for me of who I can become instead of the butt of all the jokes. She instilled her vision of me being a leader.

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So what prompted the solo project and was this always the plan even when you were with FMG (Freedom Music Group) ?
No man, with FMG I never really wanted to break out and go solo. I went solo because of the vision of DJ Jeremaya (Trackstarz). He had the vision that we all come together and do a full album and then everyone would break off into their own separate projects.

So what’s your recording process like ? I can tell from listening to the project that you care about the craft and it’s not just thrown together. Did you have lyrics and concepts beforehand or mostly from vibing in the studio
It just depends on the song. For Bad Boy, I had the melody already and showed it to my producer (Jordan Roe) and he created the beat around the melody. For other songs, a producer may have given me a beat and I just write to it and then go to the studio and say this is the way the songs goes.

How has the reception been to your album Beyond Belief ?

So far it’s been good man. I’ve gotten messages from various people tell me they enjoy the project and enjoy the story. Most of the comments have been about the skits, cause people are shocked that I would share that. But the response has been positive.
Why did you name it Beyond Belief ?
The title came from the story of me meeting my wife which is the second part of the album. Before I met her I was really depressed and going through a hard time. When God sent
me my wife I was so elated and so happy she would say “why are you so happy” and I would say “I’m blessed beyond belief ”.
If someone never heard of Ric sincere and I can only play them one of your songs what should it be?
It depends on who they are and what they like but it would probably be “Imagine Me”
What’s your opinion of the state of CHH right now?
There are people that complain about there not being enough unity in chh but to me it feels like we’re in an okay place. There are people who are absolutely thriving like Lecrae, Nobigdyl, WHATUPRG, 1K Phew, Derek Minor and Canon. You look at those guys and they’re absolutely thriving and when you meet them, they’re humble.
Is there anything surprising or disappointing about the genre to you ?
Surprising was the cursing phase and the use of the n-word. The disappointing part would be the fact that there’s an outcry for unity by those who obviously feel held back from those that are at the top and there have been some hurts there. It’s disappointing because I wonder what’s waiting for me as I progress knowing what’s happened to some people. And because those people have been hurt, it hurts me so that’s disappointing.
If you could do a song with any artist who would it be ? and it doesn’t have to be a CHH artist.
I really want to do a song with my dad. He’s extremely talented and a great writer.
Pepsi or Coke and do you call it soda or pop?
Coke Zero and I call it soda pop.
If you were stranded on an island what is the one thing you have to have?
Cell phone reception (laughs) so I can get off the island (more laughs).
If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, christian or non-christian, who would it be ?
Muhammad Ali

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