Plain James “Wherever I Go” (feat. Los Profetas & Yung Prince)

Summertime is all about fun and making some unforgettable memories. And Plain James has come out with a summertime song to keep on repeat. “Wherever I Go” featuring Los Profetas and Yung Prince, has come in the nick of time, to save us from the end of summer blues. I can’t wait to hear what these boys are putting out there in the streets, so let’s drive up to the curve at someone’s momma’s house and see what they’re beating.

This song is all about repping Christ, and showing the world; we’re turnt for real. I just love the hook, “ Goodness follow me, wherever I go. Mercy follows me wherever I go.” The song has a sick changeup in the beginning, and then it goes into a crunk Miami type beat. And the way these boys are repping God. Just makes this song even the more Lit. Like honestly, I’ve listened to this like 5 times already. And to be honest, I’m not even don’t yet.
We all have those summertime memories that we will never forget. And this song by Plain James, featuring Los Profetas and Yung Prince. Is just killing it, with a hint of caliente. So y’all got to go check out my boy, new release,
“Wherever I Go”. It is muy importante, for your summer survival.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Plain James “Wherever I Go” (feat. Los Profetas & Yung Prince)

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