Plain James “S.L.U.M., Vol. 1: Underdog” MixTape

When I was little, there was an old broken down house out back. No had lived there for years. So you know it’s been abandoned for quite sometimes. But what people didn’t know was, that inside the house; hidden away. There was a huge pile of toys there. Every young child’s dream. But I wouldn’t have known that if someone hadn’t taken and shown me. Sometimes we overlook the treasures, that God is creating or has created for us. Because we’re too busy looking on the outside of the house, and not exploring what’s on the inside. And that’s what the next artist that I’m about to introduce, is… A gold mine inside a cave. His name is James Dollard, aka Plain James, and he has just released his long-awaited album called “S.L.U.M. Vol. 1: Underdog”. Now let’s see why the Underdog is here.
“S.L.U.M. Intro”, begins the album. James talks about his come up in Christ, where there were days he was all but flat broke; with no recognition. Now he’s in a position where he challenges us, to think where our real goals are at. Are we for Christ and the people he’s trying to reach, or are we for chasing the paper; which we’ll never catch in the end. Plain James really opens up the album in a nice way, plus the beat is so sick, somebody is going to have to give it a cough drop.
“Never Fold”, is another pick of mine on this album. James explains even though, he’s swallowed up by the pit-holes of life. He’s going to survive that thing like Noah did, with the whale. While the holy spirit guides him through the lessons of life, like a professor instructing his class in college. It’s a beautiful song for the hard times we face and for those who may be stumbling.
“Ain’t Nobody Better”, is a song that James give tribute to God on. He begins to tell his story saying, that he was lost not much direction. Then God came in and change his perception of life and gave it new meaning. He also touches the subject of those who are lost sheep, being guided by false shepherds. Though they think they are speaking life, just like their teachers, they are missing the real meaning of the words that God teaches in the bible.
“Been Down” featuring Dee Black and Double Atl, ends the album, and these boys ain’t playing. James starts the song, stating how people try to copy the image of what Christ is, but can’t fabricate the true essence of his being. Dee Black comes in next, spitting straight bars about his faithful walk in Christ. How he has come up out of the mud of the trenches to bring the message, that others will judge him for, but can’t stop. Double Alt finishes talking about how he could have lived a different path than what he does. He says he could have had a half of mil from hustling, but God had another plan for him. Which he gladly leads. This song has heat coming from it, in every direction. It’s a definite banger.
Like I said earlier if you just try to look at the outside of the house; you’ll never really know what the inside holds. Like the toys for me, or the memories left there by the family that lived there at one time. Plain James, they may see you as the underdog, but they haven’t heard your bark yet, and haven’t seen you bite down on your music yet either. Y’all gotta go check out Plain James’, “S.L.U.M., Vol. 1: Underdog”. I can’t wait to see what Vol. 2 is going to look like.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

Plain James “S.L.U.M., Vol. 1: Underdog” MixTape

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