On The Block: Th3 Saga

To prepare for his battles, Th3 Saga spends quality time in prayer and in the word. One on one time with God is essential in preparing for the challengers that come before Th3 Saga.


Making sure that everything he says is from God and not of his own ability, Th3 Saga is intentional about his time with The Lord. Getting with God, praying, and studying his opponents becomes routine for Th3 Saga. Knowing his opponents and their style proves vital in locating any weaknesses that Th3 Saga capitalizes on with counters, aggression, and diffusion.


“I think one of my main objectives in competing is to not only shed light on what God can do within the culture, but just to show them who God is through me.”, says Th3 Saga. Saga’s purpose of why he battle raps is to show everyone who God is through his testimony which he often shares in his verses. Instead of repeatedly saying verses, Th3 Saga shows everyone as much as he can by witnessing through the authenticity of his life and what God has done for him.


The battle rap community is used to junk and filth, however Th3 Saga is providing the gospel in battle rap form which consists of bars, metaphors, delivery, and performance. Something that is more real and substantial to the battle rap community. Th3 Saga’s goal is to paint a picture of Christ that actually shows who He can be if those who don’t believe actually allow Him to be in their lives.


Music and battle rap are two totally different things for Saga. With music, there is a luxury of having more fun while catering to a beat, but with battle rap, there is no beat so every word holds so much importance. There is a stronger emphasis on content when making music. Battle rap requires punchlines, metaphors, wordplay, and performance to garner the attention of the audience. Not to say that you can’t have that with music, but there’s less of a leniency with battle rap because every single word that you say counts.


Even though battle rap has taken up a large portion of Saga’s time, he has not given up on recording music. After his latest battle, Th3 Saga will be taking a break. He recently just dropped a new freestyle called “Tyson vs. Holyfield.” Other then the freestyle, a full length project titled A.O.L. which stands for As Of Late will be following up real soon in the summertime. Th3 Saga plans on focusing back on music, balancing it along with ministry before he goes back into the battle rap scene.


Currently, Th3 Saga is in the group/faction NWX, which consists of top tier and legends such as DNA, Big T, K-Shine, O’ffial, and Rain. Beyond battle rap, these men and women are like Saga’s brothers and sisters. “We share great conversations. At some points in time they even ask me questions like, ‘Yo, does the Bible say this?’ or ‘How do you feel about this?'”, shares Th3 Saga. Questions that lead to little things being sown with time. Th3 Saga even shares relationships with other battle rappers such as Hollow Da Don, Charlie Clips, and Loaded Lux. Many artists who have shown appreciation for how Saga has stood up for The God he serves.


Relationships have formed from Saga’s willingness to be unashamed in the battle rap culture without compromising. Saga states, “It’s just all about maintaining this relationship with God and just staying myself and not compromising and being respected. And it won’t put me in situations where I feel uncomfortable as a believer. So they won’t smoke around me or things of that nature.”


Utilizing the URL platform, Th3 Saga has been blessed with the opportunity to minister to so many who are fans of battle rap. Many of these fans reach out in hope that they can be delivered from their own personal afflictions. It has been a humbling experience for Th3 Saga whose fans are affected by his ministry via his battles and songs. These moments allow Saga to share his testimony on a personal level and discuss how God is powerful enough to take anyone thru anything. Bold in his faith, a new light has been shined on Th3 Saga’s life which in return has given hope and solace for those who want to know more about Christ.

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