On The Block: Kei-Landa Rembert 

The young and talented Kei-Landa Rembert was born and raised in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. Along with her parents and three sisters, Kei-Landa fell in love with the community and culture of New York City. She fuses the genres of R&B and hip-hop together on her first EP, “XXIV Dreamer.” As a child, Kei-Landa was forbidden from any secular music or television shows. She was exposed to Christian music and different genres by her uncle. Kei-Landa cites The Ambassador and Cross Movement as some of her musical inspirations earlier on in her life.

It wasn’t until school that Kei-Landa would be introduced to artists such as Usher and TLC by her friends and environment. Around the age of seven or eight, God gave her a vision of doing music with a quality sound that would reach out to her generation. The ultimate goal was to drive her generation to hear more of the sound that she was producing. She always questioned what was the barrier that kept her generation away from the music that she enjoyed and was passionate about. Along the way, Kei-Landa curved her style to adapt to newer and popular sounds that she would eventually catch up to.

A self-confessed church girl, Kei-Landa was raised in the church. As long as she can even remember, music has always been a dream of hers. Besides music, education has also played a major factor in Kei-Landa’s life. She attended Catholic school until the 8th grade and graduated from Bard High School. A college based school that packs four years of high school into only two and allows students to begin their first year of college. Kei-Landa would graduate with not only her high school diploma, but her associate degree as well.

For college, Kei-Landa studied at City College, where she majored in and graduated with a degree in music and vocal performance. Always consistent, Kei-Landa loved to read the Bible and always stood out from her peers by inviting friends to church and remaining true to her beliefs and foundation in Christ. She admitted that college was challenging however. During her time in college, Kei-Landa wanted a deeper relationship with Christ. She realized that being a Christian add more than praying, reading the Bible, and attending church.

XXIV Dreamer is Kei-Landa’s first full body EP, but she has done features for Heesun Lee’s “Breaking All The Rules” and MC Jin’s “Crazy Love, Ridiculous Faith.” She also appears on the song “Fly Away” by The Refuge. The number 24 holds a great significance for Kei-Landa, it was at this particular age that everything hit the surface. She always had a vision since she was little, however she began to panic and became concerned as she got older because of the way things were going in relation to her vision. During her time of fear she learned to let go and give it all to God. He revealed to her that He is carrying His dreams in us all. Kei-Landa’s dreams aren’t for her, but they are for the benefit of God and others. This applies not only to her dreams, but to her music as well.

The album recording process took place within a year and some change. Their were a lot of fear and criticism of self, however the process was fun according to Kei-Landa. XXIV Dreamer was recorded in Jah Rock’n Studio. Kei-Lands has been writing for over six years and wrote every song on her EP. Ray Rock assisted on one song called “Tunnel Vision” while Co. Campbell wrote the chorus for the track “Best Part.”

Besides emceeing, Kei-Landa serves as a Pre-K teacher for a living. A profession that she had no idea that she would be involved in. It was something that God placed in her heart three years ago. A friend asked her to teach some kids in the Bronx, which she did for about a year. A new position for Pre-K came up shortly after which is the position she’s been teaching at for the past two years.

Along with teaching and a solo music career, Kei-Landa is currently working on Truce, a hip-hop evangelist group’s EP. Truce does missional trips when called to do so. It is a collective that travels with Nicky Cruz and has been around for years. It changes often, Andy Mineo was part of the original group. Despite working on Truce’s EP and releasing one of her own, Kei-Landa strives towards fulfilling one of her dreams by creating a full solo album in the future.

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