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Working in the community is a full time ministry for Kadence. He serves the community by doing outreach as well as serving as a youth pastor at a local church in Oklahoma City. Kadence works with an international organization called Youth For Christ. The organization focuses on getting lost children in Christ sharing relationships with adults to be discipled. Youth For Christ is currently in over 30 schools. Overseeing six different schools in OKC, Kadence is active in sharing the gospel on school campuses. His time working with Youth For Christ is where he gained the experience he has working with the youth. Kadence works specifically in the urban setting on the Northeast side of OKC.


Able to assess the different needs the youth needed outside of what Youth For Christ was providing, Kadence partnered up with Group Fly. A clothing line that has been worn and supported by the likes of Big Krit, Dre Murray, and Kevin Durant. They connected on coming together to do a non-profit. The idea of the Broken Youth center was formed to serve the neighborhood and community. Providing spiritual awareness, development, and enlightenment, the Broken Youth center also offers resources beneficial for a better life. Those living in the community are set up with different skills such as financial literacy, career and college aspirations, and family values. The center isn’t one sided in just one area, it speaks and builds up a person as a whole.


Raised up on the Northeast side of OKC where many people would be surprised that such a little city would be in the top ten for almost everything. Based off of statistics, OKC is in the top ten for drug and sex trafficking, gang violence, and teen pregnancies. Growing up, Kadence’s father served time in prison as well as many of his uncles. While still a kid, one of Kadence’s uncles even received the death penalty. He once felt that all of the adult males in his family had either been in jail or been in prison. The youngest of three, Kadence’s older brother has even been incarcerated before which left an absence in the household since everyone was very close. Seeing many of the men in his family serve time allowed Kadence to prepare himself mentally to end up in prison or dead in the streets.


His mother always encouraged her kids and did her best. Plugging them into a church as kids despite where they lived. Naturally as a product of his environment, Kadence thought that the shootings, fights, drugs, and everything else made you a man. Without a good male role model, Kadence dabbled in smoking weed and gang activity, but God had another plan for Kadence in the gift of music. Even in the midst of all of the chaos, God surrounded Kadence with people who encouraged him by sharing the truth about purpose and the gospel. Cognizant of the fact that so many people were supportive caused a shift in his faith as well as a shift in how he approached music and who he was doing it for.


In order to bring awareness of inner city ministry, mentorship, and discipleship in the inner city community, Kadence has released Die Daily: Annihilation. Annihilation serves as the final installment of the Die Daily series which has been going on for the past three years. With each purchase of the album, every penny will go towards the community center that was launched in OKC. Kadence is putting his money where his mouth is. By using himself to promote different things, Kadence is placing his career on the line by bringing awareness to some of the social issues that are currently plaguing the inner city community.


He hopes that this project will allow others to place God and people first before themselves. One of the main aspirations of the album is to challenge people with different resources and gifts to help out by doing work in the community. The Die Daily idea isn’t new, it’s a biblical concept that is very challenging and never gets easy. However, the outlook is to see God’s will in the world happen before your very own. Something that Kadence is striving towards by applying work to his faith.


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