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Given the opportunity to interview J’Son, I was curious as to what he has been up to since releasing 2015’s “No Filter.” J’Son has been a busy man; there’s even talk about a new project which will be releasing this year. Check out the interview below to find out what Lamp Mode’s president has been up to as of lately.


Q: What have you been up to since you dropped “No Filter” last year?

A: Man, a lot of transitioning honestly. I’m back home in Saint Louis which I’m really excited about. I’m also working with an organization called Mission: Saint Louis, helping guys with felonies on their record become better men and land jobs. I also just wrapped up a new project titled “Foreign” dropping July 8th.


Q: “Secrets”, a very transparent track about your wife and her tragic experience in the past was a very emotional song. How difficult was it for you & your wife to release that song? You even followed up with a sequel to the song. Did it help bring closeness in your marriage?

A: Yeah man, Secrets was a record that was really difficult to write. However after talking with my wife we felt it needed to be done. I would not say the song itself brought us closer together, but I will say that persevering through that difficult time did.


Q: Quite a departure from the usual tracks that we hear from you, can we expect to hear more transparent songs like Secrets on future releases?

A: Well I’m not sure if I agree with that. Lol. My music has always been really transparent, all the way back to my first project when I talked about my mother.


Q: How did you come into the position of running Lamp Mode?

A: Actually, it kind of just fell into place. I’ve always enjoyed some of the behind the scenes stuff anyways. Josh was transitioning to some other video opportunities and thought I would be a good fit. The rest is history.


Q: How do you balance running Lamp Mode along with being a husband, father, & music artist?

A: Man, it’s really hard honestly. Scheduling is really important though. Let’s just say it’s something I’m still learning and navigating.


Q: St. Louis has played a major factor of your life. Has there been any differences living there as an adult in comparison to growing up there as a child? How do you personally give back to your community & the city of St. Louis?

A: Nah, no difference for me really other then understanding the need more clearly. I’m working with a organization called Mission: St. Louis right now in which we walk with guys teaching them job skills, financial literacy & biblical manhood. We also mentor these guys and connect them with job opportunities.


Q: Can you share any details on your upcoming project “Foreign?”

A: Yeah, man I’m really excited about this project that will be dropping  July 8th. The whole thing was produced by Deeonthetrack & D-Hood which are 2 hungry young dudes in my city. This EP is the first of the “Foreign” series and serves as like my alter ego so to speak. The project is that energy I feel being in my hometown and is a different sound from what you mainly get from the “Foreign” series. Also expect some really dope “Foreign” clothing as well.


Q: Why did you decide to title your latest album “Foreign?” Was there any other titles or concepts that you went back & forth on?

A: “Foreign” is really just a representation of who we are as believers. When you see us we look like everybody you’re normally around, but when you talk to us, it’s clearly distinctive about us and that makes us “Foreign.”


Q: Are there any upcoming releases on Lamp Mode that you are the most excited about?

A: Yes man and I’m really exited. We have several artists we are looking to sign so you will hear about that really soon. Timothy Brindle, Hazakim, S.O. & Shai Linne are all working on projects.


Q: You’ve released numerous albums throughout the years detailing your life; have you ever considered releasing a memoir?

A: I actually have. I’m trying to figure out the best time and way in which to put it together.

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