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I chopped it up with ILISH to discuss the latest single “What Chu Want” & any upcoming music. The single expresses the liberty of doing what you want according to God’s purpose, over your life. The song features two South Florida artist ILISH and Wxnder y. 


Q: Does the single “What Chu Want” serve as a teaser for an upcoming project from you?

A: Yes! My upcoming project “No Days Off” is being released August 30th, 2016.


Q: How fun was it to shoot the video for “What Chu Want?”

A:Put it like this. I drove an hour to pick WxNDER y up, and we had no permit to shoot the video. So, my videographer and the crew pretty much winged the whole shoot. Random people participated, and it was a blast!


Q: How long have you known Wxnder Y and was this the first collaboration between y’all two?

A: This year we connected via email, linked for the feature, and made a great friendship. Every time we chill I somehow get home pass 2am. WxNDER is definitely down for the turn up.


Q: Does your name have any meaning behind it?

A: ILISH is my legit government name. Has the same meaning as Elijah “God is with him”.


Q: What’s the most difficult part about being a musician?

A: Staying consistently booked throughout the year. Music sometimes isn’t a stable career.


Q: Besides hip-hop/rap, what other genres are you interested in?

A: R&B, EDM, Pop, and Worship/Gospel.


Q: How long have you been involved in doing music?

A: Over 10 years, but only 4 years as a CHH Artist.


Q: Can you describe the music scenery of Miami, Florida?

A: Usually pop, EDM, or some Hip-Hop. Miami is more of a party scenery.


Q: As a music engineer, do you record and mix all of your own records?

A: I record, mix, and master all my own records in my recording studio. Only thing I don’t do is make instrumentals.


Q: Besides music, are there any other ministries that you’re a part of?

A: I serve alongside my wife in weekly Bible studies, mentor-ship programs, and taking care of the new believers at our home church.


Purchase links for “What Chu Want”:

iTunes: http://apple.co/1V9YAw5

Google Play: http://bit.ly/24ZX0SN


Ilish social media:




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