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Following the release of a new album titled “LIVXN” which recently dropped, I had the opportunity to interview Doxamillion to discuss the new project along with various other topics.

Q: What is the origin of your stage name?

When I first began rapping in high school I went by the name Paradox or Dox for short. It wasn’t long before everyone, even my teachers, knew me as Dox. After high school when I decided to pursue my rap career the only way I could keep my name and still make it easy for people to find me online was by creating the pseudonym Doxamillion.


Q: Are there any setbacks of being independent?

Absolutely, the most obvious setback being a budget. Trying to produce and promote any product on a small budget is definitely challenging, but it does offer me an opportunity to be more creative in how I promote myself. At the end of the day, big budget or not, it’s completely in God’s control.


Q: Would you consider LIVXN a sequel to 2015’s “Livxn In Paradox?”

I do. LIVIXN is part one of the sequel made specifically for the summer. I wanted to do something refreshing by mixing EDM, trap and hip-hop.


Q: How long did you work on LIVXN?

It took me about four months to produce, write, record, and engineer the music.


Q: One of my favorite songs on the EP is the single, “Good Vibes Only.” When you’re having a bad day, how do you recover the good vibes?

I have to take a step back, rebuke the negative, and pray. When I pray, God reminds me that he is in control and how truly blessed I am. More importantly he reminds me that even though bad things happen, if I have faith, everything will work out for the best.


Q: Where did the idea of the co-single “Already” featuring Angie Rose come from? The music video looked quite fun to shoot. Where did the video shoot take place and what was it like collaborating with Angie?

The idea came to us while we were in the studio recording “Our Way” ft. Angie Rose. We were just skimming through some beats when we heard the beat for Already and started to vibe to it. We wrote and recorded it on the spot and liked the final product so much that we decided to make it a co-single. We planned to shoot the visual during her next visit to Miami which only gave us about two weeks to organize. We shot the first half of the video at Hollywood Beach and the second half at a private residence in North Miami. We honestly had a blast making this video. Angie and I are friends who truly enjoy working together and I think that our friendship translated on video.


Q: The song “Stay With You” was inspired by your wife, right? How long have you been married & how does your marriage impact your music & life as an artist?

Yes, it was inspired by my wife. We have been married for two and a half years and my marriage impacts my music tremendously. My marriage is my first ministry, and as such, I draw a great deal of inspiration from it. In this generation it’s harder than ever for couples to stay together.  I believe that God’s plan for our lives begins in the home and that one of the best ways I can glorify the Lord is through my marriage. Only when my home is in order (God’s order) can I begin to focus on my second ministry, my music.


Q: I sense a reggae undertone along with many other genres in your music. What are some of your favorite artists that have influenced your sound?

I am clearly a huge reggae fan. Everyone from Bob, Ziggy, Stephen, basically all the Marleys, along with countless other reggae artist that have influenced my music over the years. Needless to say, I will be making a lot more Reggae influenced music in the future. I feel that with Reggae I have an outlet where I can say what I need to say with a vibe I can worship to.


Q: Was it difficult transitioning from living in Colombia to South Florida?

In the beginning maybe a little because of the language barrier but other than that it has been a great experience.


Q: If you were doing anything else besides music, what would you be doing?

I would be painting and doing graphic design which I still do in my free time. I do all of my own graphic designs for my albums and promotion. God has blessed me with many talents and I plan to use them all for His glory.


Q: When did you become a believer & follower of the Christian faith?

4 years ago.


Q: How do you plan on changing the world with your music?

I don’t. I plan on attracting the world with my music so that through me God can change them.

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