SWRVN, the debut album from C.J. King just released on July 1st so we got in contact with C.J. to discuss the new album. Check out the interview down below.



Q: How does it feel to finally have your debut album released?

It feels great. It has been over a year in the making so this is a big moment for me.


Q: How long was the recording process?

The recording process took a little over a year. Mainly because half of the year was spent prepping for a wedding and then focusing on the start of my marriage.


Q: Where did you the record the album?

The whole album was recorded at my home studio.


Q: Besides Humble Tip, there are no other guest rap features on SWRVN. Why did you decide to go mostly solo on the album?

It honestly wasn’t planned. Even the collab with Humble Tip was by coincidence. He was in the studio and I asked for his help to brainstorm the hook on “Take Over”. We recorded it and I was very pleased with his sound so I kept it.


Q: What is the concept of the album?

The main concept of SWRVN revolves around the daily life of a Christian who is really having a hard time surrendering and letting God fight those battles. That is why it’s called SWRVN. Forget about the old ways and just let go and let God. You will hear songs like “SWRVN”, “Sinner Man” and “Take Over” address this.


Q: What do you hope listeners take away from the album as a whole?

That this spiritual battle is not always going to be easy and should be taken literally one hour at a time if necessary.


Q: If there were any, can you please share the inspirations/motivations behind the album SWRVN?

There are several. BJ the Chicago Kid was one of my big inspirations. He has that soul sound that I love and you especially hear it on the intro track.


Q: What producers did you work with on the album SWRVN?

Quite a few. Some of them include MJ Nichols, PDub The Producer, Beatfella, and a few more.


Q: Do you have a personal favorite track on the album?

My personal favorite is a tie between the intro track and Sinner Man. I love all of the tracks on the album though. haha


Q: With 12 tracks in total, I’m pretty sure there were many more songs that didn’t make the album. How difficult was it for you to decide which songs would make up the album?

It was very tough. There are sooo many styles of songs that I had that I wanted the public to hear, but I had to close my eyes and hit the submit button. Once I hit that button, that was it. No more songs could be added. haha


Q: With so much focus on the music & business aspect in CHH these days, how does “SWRVN” stack up as body of work that is not only sonically excellent , but edifying as well?

As soon as you listen to SWRVN, you will hear the authenticity bleed through the album. I didn’t want this to just be a project full of hits and bass. I wanted substance that was easy to relate to and understand. This will be applicable to the sinner and saint alike.

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