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With his latest release, Beacon Light doesn’t over spiritualize another popular slang term in order to make it cool with those in the faith. With the album, “Lit”, he redefines the word and it’s definition, infusing it with greater depth and meaning. According to Beacon Light, there is a power that comes from within when you allow God to guide you. When you’re lit from the inside out other people will notice a change from the outside as well. This definition is shown in further detail on the cover of Lit where Beacon Light is surrounded by blue flames which represents a visual representation of said power.


The term lit actually defines the album sonically as well. Lit is Beacon’s most “urban” release. With this project, there were insecurities that Beacon Light faced concerning his vocal tones. He describes himself as being “middle ground, an in-betweener who fits in everywhere even family.” One half of his family is rich while the other is poor, however Beacon Light has always felt relegated to being somewhere in the middle. A white dude who grew up in a more suburban area, but went to a diverse school and currently does urban ministry. He has never felt like he belonged anywhere specifically.


Beacon Light’s last two projects both featured a little bit of an urban sound, but the central songs had a more radio friendly and pop-ish influence to them. On his latest album, Beacon worked with a friend from church who makes “pretty hood stuff.” Recording the album as well as working with more diverse beats allowed for some good opportunities to open up for Beacon which ultimately led to him growing and flourishing more as an artist. Beacon rapped over any kind of beat and went against any stereotyping of his sound and artistry on this album. “It was fun to record.”, Beacon exclaims.


Lit is Beacon’s most cohesive project to date. His last album was dope, but it felt as if it was all over the place, according to Beacon. With the new album, it feels like it belongs on its own, even though certain elements from the last album are missing. Beacon is currently trying to figure out how to make an album like Lit while also blending in songs like “Jesus Loves Me”, a popular song off of his last project, “Open Eyes.” Beacon explains, “The issue is with the availability of producers. One can only do what the producers can do musically.”


There are eight tracks in total on Lit. Dirty Rice produced two tracks while Beacon Light’s good friend, B. Coe, produced the majority of the album. The album was recorded in Grand Rapids, Michigan where Beacon currently resides. Having everything necessary for a vocal booth, Beacon wrote the album everywhere that he went. He built the tracks by taking the beats home, writing often, and messing around with auto tune and different melodies in the studio. Throughout the recording process, Beacon recognized the growth that had occurred in his lyrical ability while persevering through personal situations.


One of Beacon’s favorite tracks on Lit is the single “Haters.” The inspiration behind the song comes from negative comments by a person set out on discouraging Beacon Light. The negative comments about his music and career trajectory fed into Beacon’s own struggle with insecurities and rejection. “Oh Lord” is another favorite that “snaps” as Beacon puts it. It’s a super turnt and hype song with a worship element to it. The content of the song is focused in worship. Beacon had to allow “The Drop” to grow on him as an artist. When the beat was first heard by Beacon, he thought that it was too “hood.” Despite the initial hesitation, Beacon has come to enjoy “The Drop” as he describes it as being a dope song.


Overall, the project carries a tone that is representative of Beacon’s struggles in this particular season of his life as a music artist. There are many difficulties that Beacon has faced while operating as an independent artist. On top of a lack of financial support and backing from a label or team, insecurities has loomed over his artistry as well. Listeners will walk away feeling empowered and encouraged by the message found throughout Lit. Beacon explains that, “Regardless of the environment, odds, or obstacles that stand before you, God made you unique and everyone has something to offer. That’s what lit means. The power inside of you should be greater than what’s on the outside.” Nothing can stop you, not even the haters.


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