Monolog “Southern Comfurt”

   Today I got to hear the artist known as Monolog. For those of you who don’t know him, he is one of the members, the truth telling, hard hitting group known as Gideonz Army, (which was composed of, Malachi “My Messenger”, Monolog “Da Truth Tella”, and Souljah “Da Chozen”). 

This is an Atlanta based Christian Hip Hop group, who originally came out of Virginia Beach. Their ministry is known to those who, like myself, were searching for Christ in Alternative music when there wasn’t much Christian Rap, and the little that was out there was hated even though they were preaching the same message. For that, I would definitely call them pioneers of their time.

Let me tell you, this cat has a smooth southern style that will sooth you into a toe tapping melodic trance. His 1st opening song, “Southern Comfort” straight gets you into the mood. It sets the stage by Monolog telling that he has faced some adversity, and that satan better back up, because God has made him stronger because of it.

He then talks about loss in “So Soon”, and how some of us deal with those who have been taken by the struggles of life. Ya boy Monolog continues through a few songs about putting the devil through a fist fight, that Christ is helping him win.

He then gets personal in “How Do You.” He speaks of humbling himself and admits that Christ has to keep covering his sins and picking him back up again.  He speaks about how nobody can tell him different than what God Has told him.

In “Gone” Monolog also talks about personal life situations that he went through from his teenage years hustling, then being put into an ambulance by the dude who was supplying him. All the while his partner, “Catch”, was being locked up.He then finishes it off, with a definite head banging hit “Maybe”. This song is a tribute as well as a reminder that Monolog is here to stay. And nothing on this earth, can stop that. I truly do advise you to buy, as well as listen to this album. You’ll honestly enjoy it from start to finish.

                                                      Be Blessed   Lion_Hearted

Monolog “Southern Comfort”

 track list

1 Southern Comfurt

2 Did It Again (feat. Luke G)

3 So Soon (feat. Mario D. Mason)

4 10 Thousand Angels

5 He Gotcha Baby

6 How Do You (feat. Sarai)

7 Coulda Been Gone (feat. P-Son)

8 Weew (feat. Luke G)

9 Maybe

10 SoCo Outro (feat. Kendell Young)

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