Meet Trenton Louis aka as JAS (Just A Servant)

was born on January 9th, 1989 in Muskegon, Michigan. Raised in single parent household by his mother Allison Cross and raised JAS and his three siblings Dominique, Tony and JAS twin brother Terrance Louis.

Times were hard growing up for JAS he remembers watching his mother sell her own possession in order to feed her children. Times were difficult for JAS as he was growing up, he saw the struggle his single mother had to go through. She sold her personal possessions often to ensure the care of her children. Even during the winter months they went without heat because his mother just could not afford it. Throughout all the hardships JAS and his family went through his mother made it clear that God was with them even through the hard times. She kept a high level of faith alive even though it was hard and she could have given up. 

During JAS earlier childhood he played baseball with his siblings in a field next to the apartment they lived in for five years. His siblings saw that JAS was skilled in baseball he remembers his siblings always fighting for him to be on their team. His mother owned a green gown which JAS was a mommas boy so he remembers the way she smelled and can always recall that it is his mother.So, he had his older sister cut a piece off of her gown and he kept it. He called it his,” silky thing”. Being a child and the absence of his father in his life didn’t really effect him until his teenage years JAS father was not present during his life, which did not create conflict until his teenage years. 

JAS early teen years were rough and he suffered from a huge identify crisis was at a peak. In 7th grade gangs were being initiated within middle and high school. JAS remained neutral when it came to gang violence. But in reality unfortunately it does not go so easy. The town you live in was your territory, but JAS did not want a label. Mason was the gang affiliated set that  JAS was labeled in. Territory times JAS remembers being in different neighborhoods/ gang territory was not allowed.

JAS has a decision to either become a gang member or stay neutral and deal with the consequences of not claiming what you stand for. JAS decided to become a member stating that it made him feel more safe, welcomed and confident. Being apart of this gang JAS felt that he had found some part of his identity. JAS started selling, smoking because it came with the benefits of one thing money. JAS started to be able to purchase the items his mother could not provide for him. Drug money was going to compesate for what his the material things JAS personally wanted. Often times the gangs would engage in violence with other gangs which he was apart of. When the gangs acted in certain activities such as attacking individuals, JAS stood back watched and asked himself “Is this the life you really want?” At that moment JAS decided that he would stop selling drugs and no longer wanted to be associated with gang violence. Soon after JAS started to revisit the church in his old neighborhood. Looking for answers that made sense to him about life. The Youth Group of his church was involved in planning a trip to a youth event called Aquire the Fire and JAS attended.  

JAS attended and heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and it shocked him to a point where he could not deny the fact that Jesus is real and died for his sins. Everyone at the conference responded to the call. But JAS wanted his new faith in Jesus again to be real, so when the conference was over he went to church to really see how God works. The service started a little different that day, they started in prayer groups God’s power and love hit JAS and ever since that moment JAS gave his life to Jesus. JAS never felt such a spiritual salvation had come to him and he was set free from his sins. He would no longer sell drugs or participate in gangs because he knew there was more to him than that. 

From that day JAS has become a man of God, his life started to work in his favor. He changed school districts and became more involved with the book of faith. JAS started to attend school regularly and was very bright according to his teachers but was also a class clown. He wanted to live a better life and did, due to the problems of gangs JAS did not graduate on time like he should have. But, two years later he went back to high school and completed all the credits he needed to graduate. After that he enrolled in college the same year. JAS attended Muskegon community for two semesters with a 3.5 GPA.

A year later JAS enrolled into Bethel College and did well his first semester but then was but on academic probation in regards to his grades. But he met good friends and got focused again. JAS second school year he met his beautiful wife Corinna Louis who he fell in love with. They have been married for two years and have beautiful children. As of right now JAS lives in South Bend, Indiana and has been here for 4 and a half years. His heart’s desire is to reach people who struggled with the same situations he did. One of his callings is to not only help people but music. JAS feels confident when he raps and this gift God has entrusted him with. Grow with me on JAS adventure.

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